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Waiting, waiting and waiting......How to stay calm

The college application process has been a whirlwind. You have researched your schools, visited (virtually or in person), narrowed down your list, and finally finished your applications and hit submit! It seems like it was just November when you submitted your early applications and now here we are in December when you could be notified of a decision. How can you stay calm?

  • Focus on schools you have been accepted

Many Briley College Consulting students have already been accepted to some of the

schools that they applied to. Some have also been notified of merit aid and scholarship

opportunities. We typically encourage our students to apply to at least one school with

rolling or early notification. That first acceptance can do wonders for a student's stress


  • Try to stay off social media

I know it is hard but staying off social media could really help you manage your stress

level. If your schools have later notification dates, or if you didn't get the news you were

hoping for, you may not want to see a million pictures of your friend showing off all of

their new school swag?

  • Make sure you are finishing up all of your other applications

I know you may be burnt out filling out your applications and may be tempted to

to take a break on completing your regular decision applications. Many of them aren't

due until January or February, right? You may even be thinking that you may hear

from one of your Early Action/Early Decision schools in mid-December. But, what if you

don't? Then you are in a real dilemma, you will have to rush through finishing your

applications and maybe sloppily at that!

  • Grades still matter

Believe it or not, your grades senior year matter, A LOT. The schools that you are

applying regular decision or any Early Action/Early Decision schools that have deferred

you to their regular decision pool will want to see to see your fall transcript. College

admission offices think that these grades indicate what kind of student you will be

when you come to their campus. Schools that admitted you Early Action or Early

Decision will also want to see your fall transcript as well before you officially enroll.

There have been instances where students have had college acceptances rescinded

because of a significant drop in their senior grades.

  • Spend time with family and friends

This year in particular has been very challenging during the application process. Take

time to be with family and friends. Having that connection will help alleviate the stress of

waiting for your college decisions.

  • There is more than one "perfect" school

You have applied to more than one school. All of the schools on your list have

something to offer and hopefully you have compiled a list where you could see

yourself happy and successful at any one of these schools.

  • Continue doing the things you love

Although this year has not allowed you to do many of the activities that you normally

would, continue to discover new things that interest you. (even virtually if necessary).

Discovering new hobbies or interests is a great way to relieve stress!

Good luck in the coming weeks and months as you await your decisions. One important thing to remember comes from Frank Bruni's best-selling book with the same title;

"Where you go, is not who you will be"

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