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New Common App Site Launches July 2019!

Breaking news! The Common Application is getting a new look. For those students who are looking to get a head start on their college applications this summer, the Common App will look a little different. The new Common App site will launch in July which will allow students to become familiar with the new look before the 2019-2020 application officially opens August 1.

Why is the look changing? A couple of reasons.


It looks like the Common App is going with a new logo and color palette. Here is a little preview that was on the Common App website.

(source Common Application)


Along with the website getting an all new look so will the application tools as well. Here is a peek at what those will look like as well.

(source Common Application)


Some other exciting news is that Common App will be offering some new tools to help students through the college application process.

According to Common App this will include the following:

  • Improved site search designed to provide easier access to critical college readiness resources

  • Enhanced college search and robust member detail pages, including access to virtual campus tours and critical application requirements

  • New application guides for first year and transfer applicants, developed to guide applicants step-by-step through the application process

  • An expanded college roadmap, created to address the needs and pathways of all students, including community college students, adult and returning learners, and service members and military veterans

At Briley College Consulting our Rising Seniors begin working on their Common Applications over the summer so that they will not be so overwhelmed at the beginning of their Senior year. This would be a great way for your student to become familiar with the new look of the Common App if they begin working on it now. All of the personal information they input over the summer rolls over into the application that officially opens August 1. Just remember, any information entered into the MY COLLEGES section does not roll over, as those are the school-specific supplements that applied to the 2018-2019 application.

One last reminder, the Common Application will not be accessible while they do their system refresh starting July 28th and ending when it officially opens on August 1.

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