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Where did resilience go? The reason I became an Independent Educational Consultant

Have we become a nation of parent fixers? This has become glaringly evident in light of the recent college admission scandal. Parents so caught up in the anxiety of getting their children into elite schools they are willing to pay millions of dollars. Crazy Right?

We all want what is best for our children, but at what cost? My daughter had wanted to attend a particular college since 8th grade. Did I want to call the Admissions office at the college when they denied her and tell them they had made a terrible mistake? Absolutely! Did I? No! Did I let her stay home from school the next day while all her friends celebrated their admittance? Absolutely! Did I let her stay home the day after that? Absolutely not!

We all have disappointment in life and it is how we handle that disappointment that helps us develop resilience and learn to go forward. In my daughter's case, we sat down and came up with a Plan B and talked about how she could make the most of this new situation. As I do with all of the students I work with, my daughter, husband and I had come up with a list of schools that met her academic, social and financial needs. Was the school she attended her first choice, No. Was it the best choice? Yes, because she decided to make it the best choice! It was her resilience and willingness to make the most of her new situation that allowed her to grow.

This is why I became an Independent Educational Consultant. I want to help my students discover that resilience they have within them and realize that they can handle any situation. When working with students I don't advise them to do things just to check off the boxes that Admissions Officers are looking for. I want to help them discover what they are interested in and what their strengths are. I want to help them discover how to create purpose in their life and determine the best path that will allow them to achieve their goals. The college application process is a great place for students to learn skills that will help them not only in college but in life. Time management, meeting deadlines, presenting their authentic selves, the list goes on. My main objective is to empower students to take control of the process and learn about themselves. By guiding the student through the process they develop all those necessary skills that sets them up for success. They become resilient!

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