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So you've finished your applications, Now What?

Students all over the country have spent the last few months completing, editing and editing again their college applications. It has been a stressful time and now the finished product has been submitted. You would think the angst would be over but now comes the really challenging part, waiting. Here is what students can do to help relieve the anxiety and enjoy their senior year.


Take some time to think about the entire application process. Coming up with a list of "best match" schools caused you to think about what was important to you. Your interests, academic pursuits and your passions. Write down a couple "take aways" from this self-exploration. Understanding your preferences and information about the environments your thrive in can be helpful when your acceptances come in and you have to decide where you want to go. Think about your parents, teachers and friends who have helped you along this journey and what you have learned from them.


You may be tempted to pull back on your academics and extracurricular activities but keeping your grades up is extremely important. Most colleges base their college acceptance letters on students maintaining the grades that allowed them to be accepted. You should also maintain your after school commitments. It is particularly important for waitlisted students to maintain grades and activities. Waitlisted applicants will often be asked to update colleges on grades and accomplishments that occurred after their initial application.


Continue to learn as much as you can about the colleges that you applied to so that you can make the most informed decision about where you decide to go. Make sure you follow all of the school's social media sites to learn about what is happening on those campuses. If you haven't toured a school, schedule a tour if possible. Seeing a school in person can really give you a sense of what the campus is like.


You've submitted your application, there is nothing else you can do except keep performing well in your classes and make an impact in your extracurricular activities. Have confidence in all of the work you put into your grades, test scores, essays and supplements and trust the application process. Don't dwell on what you think you could have done differently, focus on enjoying the rest of your senior year. Spend time with your friends, enjoy your school's activities and thank your friends and teachers for all of their help.


Most colleges had you create portal accounts once they received your application. Make sure you are checking these portals on a regular basis. Your application status will be maintained on these portals. Transcripts, teacher recommendations, and counselor recommendations typically arrive at different times and you want to make sure your application is complete by the deadline.


Make sure you continue to follow social media best practices in posting appropriate content.

Finally, you should be proud of your accomplishment. The college application process is long and time consuming. Congratulations, YOU DID IT!

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